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Behind the Barn Consignment

-Tack & Supply-

Consignment Policies

We try to make consignment as easy as possible for our consignors. 

For Saddles you get 75% commission and 60% for all other items!!!!!

Small business hustlers!!- Do you sell horse related items? E-mail us! lets work something out!

 If you have over 50 items, please call ahead for an appointment so we do not overlap large loads. Smaller loads can be dropped off during any normal business hours.

Items must be clean and in good repair. Please do not bring moldy or dirty tack. See our consignment policies further down for more information on acceptable consignments.

All items will be priced with the consignor. The consignor will receive a list of items left on consignment with the agreed upon prices.

Behind the Barn Consignment -Tack & Supply-

Behind the Barn Consignment -Tack & Supply- will be referred to as BBC in this document.

Should your item(s) sell, BBC will retain 25% of the final sales price for saddles and 40% for all other items, If this is a fundraiser consignment we will retain 30% and 25% for saddles. 

BBC will send a check when a saddle sells, an account exceeds $200 in sales or you can request a check at the end of each month if over $20. If this is a fundraising consignment a check will be sent 1x a month at the end of the month if over $100. The consignor can check in on their sales at any time. Methods of payment include in store credit, gift card or check.

* We have the right to refuse items*

Initial ________

 Price Reductions: ****** We do "theme" sales to move inventory, Example: Bits are 15% off this week!*********

Item Pickup:

Consignor must give 24+ hours notice before item pickup. This allows us time to locate the item(s).


Items not accepted include, but are not limited to:

Dirty or moldy tack, prescription horse medication, clothing with tears or holes.... We also can choose to use our judgment to not take an item(s). Please Clean, dry clean or launder items before consignment.


BBC posts some of our items on social media sites, and our website. We do not allow consignors to market their own item.

If a consignor is found to be marketing their own item on social media, craigslist, ebay, etc. they will be contacted to pick up all items, and barred from future consignment.




It is understood that all items sent to BBC for the purpose of consignment remain the property of their owner while advertised for sale with BBC. The consignor is strongly encouraged to list all items under their insurance policy. The consignor agrees that BBC is not responsible for any damages to the consignment items, and that a reasonable amount of wear may occur to the item(s) from display and handling from either employees, customers, or potential buyers.

Initial __________

The consignor, upon agreement to this contract, agrees to allow their saddle to go on trials for three business days with serious prospective buyers at the discretion of BBC. All saddles are photographed during original intake, and inspected again after being returned from a trial. Prospective buyers sign an agreement to pay for saddle in full if any damages occur during a saddle trial.

Initial _______

By signing this agreement, the consignor acknowledges their acceptance of the above terms. The consignor is also acknowledging that they are the owner of the consigned item(s), and as such has the right to consign the items for sale through


Please check below

_____ I allow Behind the Barn Consignment to research and price my items.

___ I provided Behind the Barn Consignment a price list of my items

I, __________________________________ agree to all above consignment terms.

Signature ___________________________________


City:________________________, CA Zip:____________


Phone #:________________________________

Date __________________________

Consignor # ____________


Shopping from our consignment selection is a great way to save money on your equestrian gear and supplies while supporting the local horse community.

Every one of our consigned goods is individually inspected to ensure its quality and safety. Search for specific gear or browse our wide collection of available items.

NOTICE: No Refunds or Exchanges on items unless you have a receipt.

All Consignment Items are described to the best of our ability, and NO Consignment Items are guaranteed. Please ask any questions, or request additional pictures, if necessary, before finalizing your order.